ABOUT US - Director's Message

Dear Parents,

Since the day, I got the responsibility to run the very honored "JAI PUBLIC SCHOOL". I feel very pleased and a highly obliged to be a part of this association which is continuously aiming to give the best education to near about 1300 children of various backgrounds. Today we are standing in world of problems and challenges since education is the panacea of social ills and evils, the role of a quality education institution has become much more important than what it used to be.

Our school is not only providing great stress to academics but also aims to nourish the students in extra co-curricular activities and hence is very well equipped with the facilities of sports, art and craft, dance, music and dramatics arts, marshal arts etc. apart from that the students also enjoy the facilities of science labs, library, auditorium and many more with friendly facilities.

Therefore my congratulations are all the students and the members of this association.

Mr. Umesh Kaswan (Chairman)