• Parents have the option to deposit full fee for the session with a rebate of discount of one month fee.
  • All payment are to be made before the 10th of the month fee. For the months of May & June Sis to be paid in May & fee for Feb.& March shall have to be paid in February.
  • Late payment of fee shall incur a fine of Rs./2-per day up to 20th, after that the name will be struck off from the roles without any intimations. Re-admission may be rendered only after the payment of fine and re- admission fee.
  • No student will be permitted to sit for the examination without fee clearance.
  • All payments are to be a made in cash/cheque. The school does not send out bills/reminders for the dues,parents are therefore requested to make all payments on time to avoid fine for late payment.
  • Receipt issued by school should be kept in safe custody for the year and produced when required.
  • fee will have to be paid as long as the name of the child is on the school rolls.


(A) During the Session

Application for transfer certificate or information for discountinuation of student of the child shall in every case be given by the parent or guardian in writing before 30th march, even if the Annual Result is not declared by then. Otherwise the student's name will be automatically entered in the attenedance register and it will be presumed that parent/guardian are not interested to withdraw the child from the school and the fee for the month of april will be charged from the students who students Who are already on the rolls of this school.

(B) At the end of session:

For withdrawal of child form the school one week's notice is essential,certificate charges of Rs. 100.00 are to be paid extra with the monthly dues.

(C) A child's name will be struck off the rolls if:

He/She fails to clear his/her dues by the 30th of the month.


  • The buses will pick up the students from the alloted bus stops and drop them after the school hours on the stops. No child will be picked up from his/her residence.
  • The buses will not wait for late comers. All riders are expected to be in time at their stops.
  • The children should stay peacefully and away form the main road till the bus arrives.
  • All bus riding students will deposit their bus charges alongwith other school fees.
  • Bus charges are to be paid for all the twelve months of the year.
  • Students cannot withdraw their names from the bus facility in the months of May, June, February and March.
  • If a student after discountinuing this facility wants to reavail it after sometime during the same academic year, he will have to make payment for the gap period.(if permission is granted.)
  • No student will be allowed to use school bus one way.
  • For any charge in the bus arrangement, a written request stating adequate reasons should be made by the parents.
  • The parents should not insist the Driver/Conductor to stop the bus at any point other than the stop fixed by the School.
  • Use of the bus can only be totally discontinued with due notice in writing atleast a month in advance, in which case the Bus Fee for and upto the month has to be deposited if the child has travelled for the month or partthereof. partial discountonuation for a short period during an academic year is not allowed.
  • Students are expected to board the bus immediately after the school time is over.
  • Drinking and eating in the bus and throwing waste paper and empty cans either in the bus or on the road are prohibited.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school transport Incharge if and when they home their child (using bus facility) from the School during working hours.
  • Childern are not allowed to travel by any other bus than the one alloted to them.
  • Parents are required not to enter the School Bus and should at anyone. Complaints about Driver/Conductor, Teacher, Student should be made to the Transport Incharge of the School.